Free No Sweat Intro

Try a Free No Sweat Intro at PICK IT UP FITNESS. First, we will give you a tour of our facility. Then we will answer any questions you may have and talk about your health and fitness goals. At any rate, whether you have been an athlete for years or are just starting out, you will leave here with some free advice on how best to achieve those goals by expert coaches who truly care about every person who walks through our door.

This assessment is absolutely free! There are no strings attached and no obligations.

What to Expect:

First, we will take you on a quick tour of the facility. Then we will sit down and answer the questions you might have about who we are and how we train at PICK IT UP FITNESS. Some common questions might be:

  • What kind of movements/exercises can I expect?
  • What kind of results can I expect?
  • How often should I come?
  • Do I have to stop eating donuts?

Next, we will give you a basic fitness assessment. This entails running you through a few drills, see how you move, and get a baseline so we can determine the best next steps customized to your needs, goals, and fitness level.

Please wear workout clothes and athletic shoes. Expect to spend about 30 mins to an hour at our gym. Most of all, our free fitness assessment is also a great way for you to see if PICK IT UP FITNESS is a good fit for you.


Nothing. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or it’s the first time you have ever stepped foot in a gym this is your starting point.

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FREE No Sweat Intro!

Coaches are careful about our physical safety. Coaches have the ability to put together workouts that build upon a purpose that I could never begin to do.
Marcia s 
I was looking for a place where I would achieve my personal goals and feel like I belonged. Pick it Up is that place. Coaches are terrific and I want to go to class. I have seen the results thru hard work and the people are the best!
Erin M. 
I want to come to my workouts and I look forward to seeing the people, the coaches and seeing the progress I have made.
Erin D. 

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