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Every hour that you are training should have a purpose.This is how we all become more fit.  

So what are we working on tomorrow? 

Monday is our last crack at the 10M EMOM we have been working on that consists of upper body push and aerobic endurance.

The strict presses fall under strength or our creatine phosphate system. The reps are low (5) so that we can go fairly heavy and then have 90seconds+ to recover and do it again.

The KB swings are certainly lower body endurance because of the muscles being used. To be more specific it is aerobic endurance.

Aerobic endurance is categorized by high, sustainable breathing with ebbs and flows of discomfort depending on the effort. Movements are typically, but not always cyclic in nature. This is an EXTREMELY important system and lays the foundation for fitness capacity. Many folks tend to neglect this work in favor of higher intensity/more dynamic work.

Let’s face it, this 10M EMOM hasn’t been very exciting. But it’s WORTH it!

Working this system develops aerobic efficiency & improves oxygen exchange. It builds mitochondria power (the POWERHOUSE of the cell, remember your biology class?)

It develops lung endurance and optimizes aerobic fueling. An aerobic base will manifest itself in FASTER recovery between intermittent bouts of activity, as well as between training sessions!

Our “metcon” would fall under aerobic power. Aerobic power is used to increase our ability to use oxygen at the highest rate possible!

It can be categorized by full body discomfort, high breathing, relatively low weight and moving as fast as possible (as many reps as possible), without falling off the edge into a lactic bath.

What do we mean lactic bath? We mean it should be uncomfortable but it shouldn’t burn so much that you need to completely stop.

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