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Are you overtraining? Part 6.

Today is day six of our overtraining syndrome series! If you haven’t read the others yet you can find them HERE

Below are several key indicators that you might be overtraining.

Increased perceived effort during workouts.

Excessive fatigue

Decreased performance

Loss of appetite

Agitation & moodiness

Insomnia or restless sleep

Chronic or nagging injuries

Metabolic imbalances

Stress and/or depression

Sleep is critical. If you are not sleeping and sleeping well your progress will slow down. Our bodies need these precious hours to rest and ideally repair itself. But overproduction of stress hormones, as mentioned yesterday, may not allow you to wind down or completely relax.

If that is the case, sleep becomes much less effective, further compounding fatigue & moodiness.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

What’s your thermostat set to? Most research has found that the best temperature to sleep in falls between 68-72 degrees.

Another great tip is to shut your screens off an hour before you plan to go to sleep. That is a big challenge for me. I might look into those ‘book’ things!