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Are you overtraining? Part 5.

Today is day five of our overtraining syndrome series! If you haven’t read the others yet you can find them HERE!

Below are several key indicators that you might be overtraining.

Increased perceived effort during workouts.

Excessive fatigue

Decreased performance

Loss of appetite

Agitation & moodiness

Insomnia or restless sleep

Chronic or nagging injuries

Metabolic imbalances

Stress and/or depression

Overtraining can wreak havoc on your hormonal system, more specifically your cortisol and epinephrine levels.

Epinephrine is also known as adrenaline. Our adrenal glands can not always keep pace with the demands of perpetual fight-or-flight arousal. As a result, our glands typically cannot produce enough cortisol. Cortisol regulates a wide range of processes in our bodies including metabolism. It also plays a vital role in helping our bodies respond to stress.

This imbalance can cause mood swings, an inability to concentrate and unusual irritability.

More is not always better. Better is…you see where we are going with this?