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Are you overtraining? Part 4.

Today is day four of our overtraining syndrome series!

Below are several key indicators that you might be overtraining.

Increased perceived effort during workouts.

Excessive fatigue

Decreased performance

Loss of appetite

Agitation & moodiness

Insomnia or restless sleep

Chronic or nagging injuries

Metabolic imbalances

Stress and/or depression

If you missed either of the first three days you can find them HERE! Today we are touching on loss of appetite!

It’s pretty simple. More training should stimulate more appetite. Makes sense, right? You workout hard and burn a ton of energy, so you NEED to refuel!

However, the physiological exhaustion of overtraining can cause hormonal imbalances. These imbalances can affect your hunger and satiety mechanisms, telling your body that you aren’t hungry when indeed you should be refueling after your workouts!

If possible, try to refuel within 30 minutes of completing your training session! If you are struggling to find a post workout drink go check out our friends at 5 Star Nutrition!