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You’ve heard us say it several times throughout this year. More is NOT better. Better is better.  Many of us love those workouts that leave us in agony on the floor. It’s what many people believe every workout should be like in a CrossFit gym.

It’s our job to tell you that’s not true at all. It’s our job to make sure you are listening to your body.

We are going to expand upon these concepts over the next 8 days.

  1. Increased perceived effort during workouts.
  2. Excessive fatigue
  3. Decreased performance
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Agitation & moodiness
  6. Insomnia or restless sleep
  7. Chronic or nagging injuries
  8. Metabolic imbalances
  9. Stress and/or depression

We’ll be going right down this list and we would love it if you followed along!

“Increased perceived effort during workouts.”

Have you ever said to yourself during a workout “this should be easier” or “I did much better last time”?

We have been retesting several workouts over the past two weeks. So this could sound very familiar.

Overtraining decreases your performance. It makes normally easy workouts and exercises feel much more difficult.

Pay close attention to your heart rate. Does it seem abnormally high during exercise or even just throughout the day?

When we are in an overtrained state it takes longer for our heart rate to return to normal after a class.