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Starting a new path in life is really, really hard.

This is the story of someone looking to start getting healthier and live longer, as they told it to me. “Jim” is a pseudonym, and he doesn’t like the internet, or writing, or even talking about himself. But this is his story, through his eyes. Missed the first one? Start here.


What kinda gym IS this, anyway?!

Last night our “gym family” got together for pizza and beer. Yes, beer. And pizza.

There’s a CrossFit competition that started at the end of February. I’m nowhere near ready to do CrossFit competitions, and probably never will be. Nor will I want to. But we got invited to watch everyone at the gym do the workout. They kept calling it 18.3, whatever that means. Apparently the gym was split into four teams, each with a captain. There was some trash talking going on between teams but as soon as the clock would start everyone was cheering for each other. No matter what team they were on. I’m starting to get why they keep saying “real fun.”

So I went on the CrossFit Games site and registered my wife and I to do this competition. Seriously, it feels crazy just saying that. But we’re doing all the workouts already, and I guess these are just harder ones. The coach on Thursday said we’ll just modify them the same way we modify every workout, and it’s only 20 bucks. If you’d asked me last month, I would have said, “I don’t need more friends”–that’s not why I joined a gym–but you can’t help liking these people. One lady named Kathy hugs me every time she sees me. I’ll have to miss pickup hockey to do the workouts with everyone else, but this is a lot more fun anyway.

My wife’s schedule always gets crazy at work before tax season, so she had to stop coming to the 5:15pm class. She’s going to try going to the 6am class, but honestly I don’t think that’s going to work. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure what she’s going to do. She has to have her CrossFit. I’m still fine to make 5:15pm class about 3 times a week.

If you looked in our window on Thursday nights, you’d probably get a good laugh. There we are, Mr. and Mrs. Fitness, watching our homework videos on a laptop and stretching. My coach told me to stretch again on Saturday while we wind down for the night. so there I was: rolling around on a lacrosse ball to loosen up my hips while we look for something to watch on Netflix.

I’m struggling a bit to eat all the vegetables I’m supposed to be eating. And meeting the boys for a donut on Saturday is starting to give me a bit of stress. I’ll ask Hannah, the owner that runs the nutrition program about it next time; I’m working pretty hard and I don’t want to keep going backward. The other hard part is drinking a glass of water every time I have a coffee; that’s a LOT of water. But no one’s selling me supplements or anything (I was totally on the lookout for that) so our food bill hasn’t gone up at all.  I think I’ll ask my wife to figure out how much we’re actually paying and post that on the next blog.