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“Posture for combat is so vital. – Conor McGregor”

It is extremely easy to work in ranges that are comfortable and easy for us.  Sure you’re sweating and getting a good workout, but are you actually improving your game?  Do you see all the work still ahead of you and start getting down on yourself or thinking you aren’t going to finish in time?  Do you look around the gym and see other athletes moving onto the next movement while you’re still ten reps behind?  Do you miss a lift four times and consider stripping your weights, yelling every curse word in the book and throwing a major tantrum?

I am pointing the finger at someone in particular who has experienced and acted that way many times. That person is me.  I was so focused on being the best and expecting perfection when in reality I was just acting like a spoiled rotten child who didn’t get his way.  But recently something changed and I started really dialing into mindset training and focusing on keeping my head in the right place when things started going south.

If you suck at squatting, you can squat more and get better.  But changing your mindset is an entirely different beast to conquer.  When things get difficult and when you start falling behind you have to remember you are running your own race and it does not matter what everyone around you is doing.  Of course, as athletes we all have the competitive spirit and want to win, but at the end of the day it’s you against yourself.

The goal of CrossFit, especially at Pick It Up, is not to see who can go to Regionals, it’s about improving your health. It’s about being a part of a community that takes care of one another and cheers everyone on, and it’s about forgetting all of life’s problems and getting in an awesome workout.