/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php The little things are meant to be celebrated. You should be celebrated!

Part of who I am is the tapestry that my choices have woven. The little decisions I have made is the thread and the needle is my integrity. The choices I make and the consistency at which I stay true to them defines who I am. Do you ever wonder if you are enough? If your piece of the ultimate tapestry matters in the whole realm of things?

In relation to fitness, there are people that live for the PR’s in life. The once in a lifetime achievement that creates a different reality. Life changing events that deserve a parade. However, so much is lost in the commotion of great success. Like the small things. Little achievements that lay the foundation to greatness. For me, it’s things like getting my one year old to bed, cooking dinner, eating only one cookie, drinking my coffee black, and only buying what’s on my list at Target. However, when I fail to make a good decision, does that leave a mark on my value? On my “enoughness”?

Working in the fitness industry has been humbling and difficult. The fitness industry feeds us the information that we are never enough. That we must always try harder, perform better and reach for higher goals. It tells us that there is always someone faster, stronger and fitter. With fitness, a revolving, intense, fast growing, trend setting industry, enough is not allowed.  This industry teaches us that our worth is held in our fastest times and our strongest lifts. That our value is where we place and in our PR’s. It’s heartbreaking and empty.

It begs the question why would anyone get in to this industry? This is something Matthew and I as owners of Pick It Up discuss almost daily. If this worries you, please don’t be concerned. Our reason for getting in to this industry changes all the time. We have put our whole hearts in to this business. We have struggled, failed, and been victorious. It is a never-ending cycle. We often wonder if what we do will ever be enough. If the decisions we make will be enough. If who we are is enough. However, we have a revolving door of people, who come in to the gym with scars on their bodies and hearts. Their stories give us a million reasons to stay, to hope and fight for our business.

It is in our daily decisions to be in an athlete’s corner as they battle for their health that give us a feeling of “enoughness”. Matthew and I don’t have all the answers, perhaps what we do will never be enough, but we do have hearts to serve. We have passion to empower our athletes, we have the endurance to stand by athletes in despair and energy to walk with athletes in success. There is power in the small decisions.

Health is a war of the mind not the body. To instill in our athletes that the little choices they make daily when they are not in the gym is more important than their performance in the gym is imperative. As coaches we must care about PR’s. We must pursue change and demand the best. We must command perfect technique and create lofty goals. We must jump on the crazy ride of the fitness industry. But we can celebrate the little things. We can affirm our athletes that they are enough. It doesn’t matter how far they need to improve, or how much weight they need to gain or lose. Life is meant to be celebrated. That means distinguishing the little things as having a pivotal role in the tapestry of life.

Do you ever wonder if you are enough? As the great philosopher Christopher Robin said to Pooh, “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” You are a masterpiece and the decisions you make daily are meant to be celebrated. Your value is beyond measure, you are enough and the tapestry you are creating is stunning.