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The secret to gaining strength, and losing fat! – Recovery

Are you crazy sore this week? It happens to us all when we begin a new program at the gym. It might not seem so bad throughout that first day. But then you find yourself having to go DOWN a flight of stairs and you are holding onto the railing tighter than you ever thought possible! It will get better especially if you focus on your recovery process each day. Keep these tips in mind to help this week!


  1. Eat more protein. Protein is what your muscles need to rebuild and come back stronger than before. Real food will always trump supplements but if you are constantly on the move pack protein powder in your gym bag to have after your workout. Also make sure that you are consuming protein at every meal!
  2. Watch your water intake. If you do not have enough water in your body that will slow down your body’s ability to repair itself.
  3. Get more sleep. Sleep is primetime for your body to undergo protein synthesis. This is crucial for creating more protein molecules and aiding in your recovery.
  4. Enjoy one less “Happy Hour.” Research suggests that consuming a drink or two after your workout will slow down your recovery.
  5. Listen to music. Slow tempo music can help calm your body down after a tough workout. It has been shown to decrease pulse rate and blood pressure. So, make sure Addison is not in charge of the music if you are trying to recover better!

Recovery is crucial for every single one of us. If you are trying to bulk up or lose fat follow these tips to move closer to your goals! In addition to those listed above make sure you are taking the time after every session to cool down and mobilize. If you are unsure of what to do each day just ask your coach!